Sine Die
without (setting) a day (to meet again)

beetle is a New York based multi media artist whose work is marked by a fascination with the deterioration of object and materials.

She established Sine Die in 2004 and began creating designs based on the use of recycled t-shirts. This concept of re-contextualizing and manipulating recycled materials has since evolved into high end clothing design, constructed with scraps of silk she collected from the cutting room of the design house she worked at. As well as vintage materials accumulated over the years. Rather than using patterns, beetle sculpts and dyes each individual piece of fabric to create one of a kind art-wear.
The clothes are primarily inspired by beetles interest in the physical and emotional affects of time on people and objects.
Growing up with musicians largely influenced the style of her work, which combines a rock and roll aesthetic with Edward Scissorhand-ish elegance and fluidity. After a brief period at FIT, beetle toured North America as designer and stylist for a band. It was there that she began the experimenting with the deconstruction and reassembly of clothing, which led to the development of her signature style.